Summer Goals and Beyond

I have about 3 weeks left in the semester before I’m done with my freshman year of college. Definitely not my best academically or socially, but what’s done is done and I must learn to leave my mistakes in the past and keep moving forward. Other than working, I have a few goals I want to achieve during the summer months to really keep me active and bettering myself. Many of them are more related to transition than anything else, but there’s a conglomeration of things to be done. I’m hoping that above all, the summer months will give me time to decide whether or not I plan to continue my secondary education in the fall. If I decide not to return, I then need to make a plan to decide what I wish to do with my time, how I’ll achieve said goals, etc. 

Some of my summer goals are as follows: 

1. Begin testosterone. I’ll probably be starting T about late May, early June, which is about the same time as I’ll be moving out. I’d rather not transition while living with my mom and grandmother just because I don’t want it thrown in my face at a later time. I’d be much happier living on my own. I’ve been really thinking about starting T for a while and I admit I’m extremely nervous and scared I’ll regret it later, but by the time I start, I hope that I’ve calmed these thoughts. 

2. Move out. As stated above, I think transitioning and really being who I’m meant to be will be easier if I’m not at home. My mom, sister, and grandmother are religious and I’d hate to make them feel uncomfortable with me in the house. It’d change the aura of the house and I feel that I’d just mess up the atmosphere more than it’s already being disturbed. I’m also not confrontational in the least bit so having to actually come out and then transition is a bit overwhelming. I’d rather “love them from afar” as someone in a trans group I’m in has said. 

3. Lose at least 30 pounds. I’ve been saying I want to lose weight for years now. I’m trying to focus on clean eating, not letting mistakes in my dietary habits deter me, and working out more. I really want top surgery (I have the money now but that would mean I cannot move out), but I don’t know if a doctor will perform one on an obese person and even if they did, I’d rather have my body be as close to in shape as possible. Once I get down to a comfortable weight, I’ll be ready to look at surgeons and surgery options. Right now, it’s not feasible or something I’m willing to deal with at my current weight. 

4. Finish a novel. I’m a writer and writing is one of the only things I’m good at. I love writing controversial stories to make people think outside their comfort zone. I’ve been so wrapped up in other hobbies and school that I’ve let it fall by the wayside. Since I work in an office, I’ll have access to a computer and probably a decent amount of time to write. It’ll keep me occupied and doing something worth while. 

My list is relatively short now as I conglomerated many things, but it’ll expand as the summer gets closer. Moving out and getting on Testosterone is at the top of my list. 


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