An Abstinent Atheist?

I imagine when most hear the word “abstinent”, they immediately think of someone religious promising their virginity to their future husband or wife because it’s what their “god” wants them to do and they feel inclined to do so. Many people would question the point of this when there is such pleasure in sex and the subsequent orgasmic feeling it entails. Why would/should someone be abstinent? Are these religious people onto something? Is Abstinence something we could all benefit from practicing?

As an atheist, I cant’ help but wonder has sex lost all meaning. We’re doing it for that almost addicting ending, to prove we’re the studs we are, and that we can do what we want with our bodies. Little seems to be respected about the act anymore and even with better protection and information, teen pregnancies, accidental pregnancies, and STD’s are on the rise. After really doing some contemplating, I’ve found at least 2 big reasons why abstinence should be a serious consideration for most. Maybe not abstinent until marriage, but abstinent until you find someone whose worth the trouble and know they won’t go around telling your deepest, darkest secrets if you all break up. Not all of these fall into the “knowing the right person category. Maybe you’ll even reconsider how you think about sex after this. 

1. Emotional Bonds-Science has shown that when two people are intimate, there are endorphins  released that create a strong emotional bond. The more a person has sex with other people, the strength of that bonds weakens. I remember learning it like this: “When you put tape on your arm and give it to someone else, it’ll stick. But the more people that try and put the tape on their arm, the less it sticks.” I know this isn’t going to be applicable to everyone, but think of it like this: Do you want sex with someone to be more than physical? If so, maybe one should refrain from frivolous acts of coitus. 

2. Lack of STD’s and Unwanted Pregnancies-Granted, a condom and/or birth control could probably knock these two out, but contraception isn’t 100% effective and there is always that risk of pregnancy. Regardless, always have you and your partner tested before being intimate. Better to dampen the flames of that night than to have to deal with the pain of an STD. With abstinence, one won’t have any risk of unwanted pregnancies or STD’s as I’m pretty sure you know. 

There are many, many more reasons out there, but these are the 2 I think people need to be aware of. I know it’s almost over stated about the whole “You won’t get pregnant or an STD”, but the emotional bond thing hasn’t often come up in recent years. i rarely see it mentioned in sex ed classes anymore and that’s something that people need to know. Sex isn’t just physical. There are many things going on in the brain upon the reaching of climax. I may edit this again so I can add more to that small list, but for now, these are things to ponder. 

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